When it comes to making pool time fun for kids, swimming pool toys are a must! Let their imaginations run wild with these cool and exciting pool toys for kids and toddlers.

Always supervise kids whenever they’re in the pool, especially when diving for toys or splashing with friends. For more pool safety tips for kids, please see these kids’ pool safety resources.

Here are the best swimming pool toys for kids to keep them active, engaged and coming back for more:

1. Splash Roller

The Splash Roller is a giant water wheel made of sturdy inflatable plastic. This pool toy is big enough for two youngsters, making it one of the best pool toys for kids’ pool parties!

Splash Roller Water Wheel | Inflatable Swimming Pool Splash Roller

2. Pool Floats

Pool floats come in so many fun styles and can be used for play, relaxation and more! Host a game of “bumper floats,” or soak up some rays with parental guidance. Awesome pool floats for kids are dinosaur, seahorse, donut, avocado and unicorn shapes.

Sportsstuff Magical Unicorn, Unicorn Pool Float Inflatable For Kids | Pool Floats

3. Stuffed Pool Floats

Stuffed pool floats combine the comfort of stuffed animals with the excitement of pool floats. Find them in sea creature shapes like stingrays and hammerhead sharks!

Stuffed Hammerhead Shark Pool Float, Kids Pool Floats

4. Float with Canopy

Looking for baby pool toys? When it comes to spending time in the pool with young ones, sun protection is key. That’s why pool floats with canopies are perfect for babies, guarding them from the sun while freely floating in the water.

Floating Pool Float with Canopy For Babies, Baby Pool Toys

5. Squirters Pool Floats

Squirters are inflatable pool floats with water squirts! Splash and play with amazing styles like fireboats and battleships.

Fireboat Pool Squirter | Squirters Inflatable Pool Floats

6. Volleyball and Basketball

For the sports-minded pool enthusiasts, install a basketball net along the water’s edge for lots of swim and dunk action. Or, spark a little competition with a removable volleyball net. Pool volleyball and basketball sets are available for inground and above ground pools from a variety of top manufacturers like S.R. Smith, creating endless opportunities for fitness and fun.

Pool Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoop Games, Pool Games

7. Snorkels, Masks and Goggles

Protect kids’ eyes from pool chemicals with snorkels, masks and goggles. These accessories are essential for making the most of pool day.

Snorkel Fin and Mask For Kids | Pool Accessories

8. Kickboards and Fins

Kids will be swimming like fish in no time with kickboards and fins. These pool toy classics are perfect for games of sharks and minnows or practicing swimming!

Yellow Kickboard For Kids, Pool Toys

9. Dive Rings and Sticks

Turn your pool into a treasure chest with pool diving toys. Dive rings and sticks are available in cool designs like shipwrecks or starfish pieces and are a staple of summer fun.

Starfish Shape Dive Toys | Pool Diving Toys | Pool Summer Toys

10. Pool Jousting

Ever wanted to try the amazing medieval sport of jousting? The pool is the perfect place to practice with an inflatable pool jousting set!

Inflatable Pool Jousting, Kids Pool Toys

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