Add an Outdoor Kitchen to Your Pool Area
Here’s What You Should Know

An outdoor kitchen near your pool area can take outdoor parties and family get-togethers to the next level. But for it to work perfectly and blend naturally with the surroundings, you need to plan the ‘where’ and ‘how’ carefully. Here are some ideas on adding an outdoor kitchen to your poolscape.

Make sure the foundation is strong and supportive

When you build the kitchen, be mindful of the foundation of the chosen area. For instance, if it will stand on your existing deck, the structure may need to be reinforced to correctly support the weight of heavy kitchen equipment.

Flooring is another factor. When located near wet surfaces, tile or marble flooring will get slippery and not be able to resist food stains and grease very well. Look at different flooring options to decide which ones provide a less slippery or non-slip surface while also holding up to stains. If your little ones will be using the pool and kitchen very often, these factors will assume even more importance.

Get the location right

You will want to shelter the kitchen away from the elements, especially if you plan to make the most it by using it throughout the year.

As far as positioning your kitchen grill is concerned, ensure that the smoke doesn’t make its way back into your home. Also take into account how the smoke and noise may possibly disturb your neighbor. You shouldn’t have to work in a smoke-filled environment, so either add the grill towards the edge of the kitchen area or install a ventilation system.

It is recommended that any heat-producing appliance be located at least ten feet away from your home or any combustible material.

Discuss the interaction of the kitchen with other elements of your poolscape. Also determine if it will obstruct the view from within your home in any way, which is no doubt undesirable.

Fix the kitchen size

Depending upon the available area and the environment you wish to create, you will need to plan the size of your outdoor kitchen as well as its appliances. If it will be a simple area for grilling and barbecuing, you don’t have to consider too many factors. However, if you plan to add refrigeration appliances, cooking appliances, a sink and multiple work surfaces, detailed planning will be necessary. Fully-functional outdoor kitchens have high counters for preparations and cooking, high surfaces for sitting and eating; and high bar tables for placing food and beverages.

Avoid placing kitchen appliances too close together. Allow adequate space on both sides of the grill to comfortably accommodate kitchen tools and trays.

Don’t leave out storage

Storage spaces are an inextricable part of any kitchen. Only difference is, an outdoor kitchen will require cabinets and shelves that stand up well to temperature changes and have good waterproofing qualities.

Two factors to consider in this regard are functionality and style. You may need bigger cabinets and counters if you will be hosting many people in our outdoor space. With a defined idea about the purpose of the kitchen, you will be able to make judicious choices. As far as style is concerned, a combination of stone and stainless steel is the classic choice. Concrete countertops look sleek and don’t require high maintenance.

Create a pleasant ambiance

Adding chairs, tables and other furniture can complete the look of your kitchen, transforming it into a dining and hosting area. One option is to place a large table that can do double duty as a buffet and a dining table.