When you look out at your family swimming pool, it certainly seems like a modern invention doesn’t it? In fact swimming pools — not necessarily in today’s form — have been around for centuries!

Do you like to regale guests with fun and sometimes trivial facts?

If you said yes, then you will love knowing some of these facts about swimming pools!

  1. Pools, as we mentioned, are not a modern invention
  2. The first heated pools actually were mentioned first in Ancient Rome
  3. The first pools were constructed for royalty (they had to be hand dug)
  4. The pools were built on pillars and fires were built beneath to heat the water

When you are able to go into your backyard and flip a switch to turn on the heater for the swimming pool or hot tub you can certainly appreciate the ease with which that occurs. No one needs to stoke fires!

In the past 50 years, though swimming pools in the backyards of the masses have become more affordable and the ownership has exploded! Pool owners are truly enjoying their time at home because they and their families can get outdoors and enjoy a staycation — probably your family vacation has been canceled.

The History Of The Swimming Pool

As pools became more popular — in the 1800s, for example — another problem arose. You could swim, but you couldn’t show any skin. The swimsuits of that era had to cover a person from literally neck to ankle. Once in the water, don’t even think about swimming the crawl as that was considered crude and impolite. The breast stroke, though could be done, but the swimmer was not allowed to spread his or her legs for the kick, they had to kick sideways.

I certainly don’t know if I’d want to be in the swimming pool back then! Today’s swimming pools, pool owners and pool contractors all work together for these magnificent structures to keep them fun and easy to use and own.

Now that you know a bit of the history of the swimming pool. are you ready to start building your own “pool history?” If that’s the case, give your local swimming pool contractor a call because we are considered essential employees and can clean and construct your pool.

Give a local pool contractor, or us a call, to ask any questions you have about pools, about changes to your existing pool and about any new accessories you may want to add to the pool you have!

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