Do you hear that? It’s your backyard is calling—it’s time to fire up the grill and work some barbecue magic for your friends and family! There’s nothing quite like a poolside barbecue, so grab your “kiss the cook” apron and invite the neighbors in—it’s time to get the party started, and these great recipes will help make your backyard the A-list destination for good eats and great times.

Barbecue chicken with white sauce

While barbecue chicken is a familiar dish for families, this isn’t your standard barbecue. Born in northern Alabama, this mayonnaise-based delight gives chicken a tangy twist that may have you saying goodbye to your traditional sweet barbecue sauce for good.

Grilled stuffed jalapenos

This recipe for stuffed jalapenos is out of this world, and will raise the bar for pre-meal noshing at your pool parties. Once the neighbors get a bite of these, there won’t be any latecomers to your party ever.

Whole corn on the grill

If you’ve never grilled corn with the husks on, this recipe will be a real treat. It’s easy and quick, and the grill brings out the full flavor of corn-on-the-cob like you’ve never experienced before.

Saucy pork chops with orange slices

This sophisticated, flavorful dish will have your guests wondering how you find the time to go to culinary school, among all the other things you do every day. They’ll never believe it only took an hour to whip it up!

Steak with mushroom gnocchi

Ribeye steaks may be the ultimate grill fare and this recipe will solidify your reputation as a barbecue wizard. The mushroom gnocchi is the near-perfect complement for this tried-and-true favorite.

Sichuan peppercorn–black bean marinated green beans

This green bean recipe really is like something you’d expect from a fine-dining establishment and will have your guests coming back for seconds. It’s easy to prepare, easy to cook and a perfect complement for almost any grilled meat.

Mint julep

No poolside shindig is complete without cool and refreshing libations and when you are going for festive, you might as well give the mint julep a try. Traditionally associated with the Kentucky Derby, the mint julep is crisp, refreshing and a great treat that will take your party to the next level.

If you’re looking for something sweeter for your grill, check out this fantastic grilled fruit recipe. So ‘tis the season to get outside, have fun and make your backyard the premier poolside destination for your family and friends. With a little help from these great recipes you’re sure to be the talk of the neighborhood. Happy grilling!