Enjoying some time with your dog in the pool can be a lot of fun but can also be a bit of a risk if your dog is left unattended or doesn’t know how to swim. No matter how avid a swimmer or how safe you think your dog may be around the pool, accidents can happen. Being cautious will minimize the risk and ensure a safe and fun day in the pool for the entire family!

1. Teach Your Dog to Swim

When possible, train your dog to swim. Not comfortable with such a task? Enlist the help of a dog trainer. They are more than equipped to handle your pooch’s fear of water and teach him or her a few swimming basics.

2. Invest in a Dog Life Vest

Life vests and life jackets are perfect for the dog that will never be a great swimmer. They provide extra buoyancy and a dash of bright colors so that your dog can stay afloat and remain highly visible. Just don’t rely on the life vest so much that you leave your dog unattended.

3. Have A Way Out

One of the very first things you should teach your dog is where to exit the pool. Unless you have a shallow or walk-in pool, it’s unlikely that your dog will be able to reach the bottom, even in the shallow end. This makes an easy exit a must.

4. Take Care with Older Dogs

Senior dogs are more likely to suffer from arthritis, vision loss, seizures and a host of other health issues that may require your special attention around the pool or prohibit them from swimming altogether. Confirm with your veterinarian if your dog is healthy enough to swim in the pool.

5. Learn Dog CPR

Being able to properly administer artificial respiration and CPR on a dog is vital should your dog accidentally drown in your pool. Some animal organizations and shelters even offer classes on the proper techniques.

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