The days of vacationing might seem like a distant thing of the past. We’ll get back to our busy, bustling and vacationing lives soon. But, in the meantime, a staycation done right can help you to relax and rejuvenate right at home. And bonus, no driving, no packing and no extra laundry!


You can create a relaxing staycation with a few key planning tips: 

  • Stray from your regular routine: To enjoy the feelings of rejuvenation and relaxation you have to change your daily routine. Turn off your computer, put away your phone, shut off the TV and get outside! 
  • Update your yard and pool: Simple updates to your yard, poolscape and/or pool will make you feel like you’ve transported yourself into a whole new place. From adding gardens and decks to upgrading to a full outdoor kitchen – your budget is the limit. And while we’re updating the deck, give your pool a little love too! Lighting is an effective way to incorporate some dramatic scenery into your backyard. You can even install smart technology to control your pool’s accessories from your smartphone.
  • Update your seating: Making sure you have the perfect location to relax is key for a staycation. Hammocks, lounge chairs and meditation areas are all great ideas. Make sure to pick something you’ll love and you’ll feel relaxed on!
  • Entertain the kids: Make sure to have plenty of fun pool toys and games for kids to enjoy and always follow pool safety rules! Relax while they play.