Covering the pool when not in use will help reduce maintenance time and costs by blocking dirt and leaves from re-entering the pool and preventing chemicals and heat from escaping.


These popular pool covers are made of a synthetic polyethylene material and have air pockets or bubbles that absorb the sun’s heat and transfer it to the water. A solar cover can increase the pool’s water temperature as much as 10 degrees, saving you money on heating costs.


This pool cover is made from reinforced coated vinyl and slide open and closed on tracks installed on the surrounding pool deck or under the coping. These covers can be manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic in operation, making it easy ­to cover your pool after every use.


This is another option for your pool and can be made of a threaded nylon mesh material or solid vinyl. Most pool owners use this type of cover when closing their pool for winter, but it can also be used during the summer months to aid in maintenance.

Some tie-down pool covers are specifically designed to be safety pool covers, which can be a great asset for those with small children or pets. Just be sure to check that the pool cover was manufactured according to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards for safety to ensure it’s a safety pool cover.

Following a basic pool care routine will help prevent major disruptions and costly repairs and ensure your pool is swim-ready throughout the season.

Source: Luxury Pools