Pool companies offer more than chemicals and cleaning tools. As experts in the industry, they’re your best local resource for taking care of your pool, testing the water quality, making repairs, and ultimately helping you get maximum enjoyment from your swimming pool.

Pool professionals are educators. They’ve helped hundreds of people in your area balance their pH level, winterize their pool, provide much-needed cleanings and servicing, replace pumps and all the other little moving parts of owning a pool. You can benefit from their years of experience in the industry and potentially avoid costly mistakes in the long run.

There are several aspects of pool ownership that you can easily handle yourself and we talk about that frequently, but some jobs are better left to the professionals. That’s where our TradeGrade policy comes in.

Our TradeGrade policy was established to provide an exceptional product ownership experience by manufacturing equipment that performs to the highest standards, protecting the integrity of the Pentair brand and ensure your safety and peace of mind when equipment is correctly sized, purchased from and installed by a pool professional. For you, our TradeGrade policy ensures accurate assessments for proper equipment specification and requires installation by a trained pool professional. Learn more here.

We want you to do your research online. Learn about all the features and benefits of the pool equipment you’re interested in. Read reviews. Watch videos. We created this content for you to utilize in your pool equipment shopping process. We put this information on our website. But it’s so important to have discussions with a pool professional BEFORE making a purchase and you can only do that in-store.

So head into town to visit your local pool store. They’ve got what you’re looking for and they’re ready to help you with any of your pool needs. Don’t have a pool pro yet? Find one near you here!

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