If you are planning a pool construction then you might want to know the latest pool trends. Knowing the latest trends is very important as advancements in technology have brought plenty of options.

So let’s take a look at the latest pool trends which might help you to decide a better option for you.

1. Built-In Ledges and Bars

Gone are the days where pools were just for swimming. Pools are now meant for lounging and socializing. As we all know that pools are great when you want to relax. But now it is not limited to just sitting on the edge or floating on a raft.

Now you can incorporate built-in ledges and place lounge chairs right in your pool on a sun-deck. Alternately you can put benches and bar stools in your pool for social seating. You have endless options.

2. Smart Lighting

Another amazing pool trend that will continue in the future is the use of smart lighting within and around your pool. There are plenty of options available now due to technology.

You are not limited to one color lighting anymore. You have the option of multicolor lights and you can also control the brightness of the lights. How cool is that when you can change the color of pool lighting according to your mood or according to the specific event. Make your guest wow with this amazing pool trend.

3. Dark Interior Pool Finishes

People are attracted to the serene, lagoon-like setting created by a dark interior pool finishing. Dark finishing also retains heat better than the light finishing reducing your heating cost. The other big advantage of dark finishing is that it does not allow dust and debris to stand out as much as lighter finishing does.

4. Features to Reduce Energy and Maintenance

People are normally concerned about the cost associated with pools like energy consumption and maintenance requirements. People want an energy-efficient pool with the least maintenance needs. In order to achieve that it is a great idea to invest in an automated pool with efficient cleaning and filtration systems. In the long run, this will save your time, energy and money.

5. Shallow-Depth Pools

Normally pools have both a shallow and deep end. But the new trend is a shallow-depth pool as people want to enjoy exercising or playing water sports. There is an added benefit of low cost as it will reduce the excavation and construction costs. Before you consider this option you should consider your lifestyle and how you want to use the pool.

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Source: Suite101