Imagine a quiet afternoon of poolside relaxation. As calmness settles on the water’s surface, thousands of jewel-like mosaics glisten from below, adding to the setting’s tranquility. That is what glass tile does: each piece transforms the pool into a matchless display of serene elegance and elevates the setting to the pinnacle of luxury.

With so many beautiful glass tile products available you would assume selecting materials is as straightforward as choosing the perfect refreshment. However, successfully transforming a two-dimensional designer brush stroke into the third dimension demands high caliber products and expert craftsmanship. Each glass tile pool is a custom, multi-layered system, and a specialized ‘knowledge cocktail’ is critical when specifying glass tile into these environments. Expert pool designers and builders appreciate this knowledge and will utilize it when planning a pool or spa that features glass tile as a finish or as an enhancement. Collaboration between professionals is imperative for success.

While you enjoy your swimming pool, tile endures a harsh existence. As temperatures swing, materials are tested to their limits. Expansion and contraction, chemicals, and the constant ebb and flow of water quality make for a difficult life. Glass, both durable and delicate, must be chosen carefully. Some of the most exquisite glass products are simply too fragile for the pool environment and many manufacturers do not clarify which products have been tested specifically for use in pools. It’s important to sift through options, doing your homework to find tiles that are both luxurious and hard-wearing.

A glass tile pool will be the crowning jewel of your resort lifestyle with the appropriate investment in the essentials. Beginning with careful product design and specification, the most stunning examples of these luxury features come from collective proficiency in glass manufacturing, engineering, construction, design, and tile installation. Carefully consider these important elements and you’ll be well on your way to that relaxing poolside afternoon, complete with refreshment in hand.

Source: Luxury Pools