Safety is always important with water activities, and you should ensure your child knows how to swim and how to react in emergency situations. Year-round swimming lessons will teach them everything from the fundamentals like floating to advanced skills like helping someone in danger.

It can take awhile for kids to get comfortable in the water, so if they’re initially reluctant, don’t be afraid to reintroduce swimming from time to time. Being around the water teaches kids about responsibility and awareness in all situations.

Physical Health and Wellness

Research suggests that regular physical activity can improve focus and help retain memories. Swimming is a great way to get that regular exercise because it works the whole body while putting little to no strain on joints. It also helps to improve cardiovascular function, lung capacity, and stamina. Plus it can increase strength, muscle, and flexibility.

Sometimes we don’t realize how important all those things are until we get older! So do your kids a favor and get them started with low-impact swimming now. It can set them up with a lifetime of benefits and help maintain their quality of life as they age.

Social and Emotional Health

Swimming lessons provide a fun and non-traditional opportunity for children to interact with their peers. They get to make new friends outside of school, which teaches them invaluable social skills and can provide an increased sense of confidence.

It can also instill a healthy competitive streak. Whether they’re competing against the person in the next swim lane or just trying to beat their personal record, swimming gives kids a chance to expand their skill-set and competitive drive.

And don’t forget the emotional benefits! Due to the natural buoyancy of water, swimming is often far more relaxing than other forms of exercise. Stress relief and mood improvement are huge benefits that can boost overall health in adults and children alike.

Life Skills

Simply put, swimming is an important life skill. It’s a healthy, fun activity for kids, and as they get older it can open up job opportunities like lifeguard, camp counselor, coach, member of the military, athlete, and more. Whether or not your child expresses interest in those career fields, the ability to swim can serve them well in whatever path they choose.