Have you ever thought about starting a poolside Thanksgiving tradition? Assuming the weather cooperates, you and your loved ones can make wonderful memories poolside all while enjoying fun fall festivities and treats. Here are three ideas to help you start a family tradition that everyone will treasure:


Since autumn is in full swing, now is a great time to revamp your poolside décor. Decorate for the occasion or the season. For inspiration start with Mother Nature’s color palette: deep reds, zesty oranges and bright yellows. Add some pumpkins, gourds, Mums and baskets of apples around your pool area, or maybe even a scarecrow or two. Lanterns and string lights can set a cozy mood for the autumn nights. If it’s cold, you can add blankets, heaters or a fire pit to stay warm.

If your pool is still open, your pool lights can also help set the mood. The MicroBrite® Color LED Lights have five fixed colors and seven preprogrammed light shows to add a festive flair to any celebration. Along those same lines, with an energy-efficient pool heater everyone can also enjoy swimming during the celebration and you can enjoy your pool (after the party is over) through the fall.


What’s a party without seasonal cocktails? Try a twist on classic apple cider with apple cider mojitos or for apple pie fans, these apple pie bourbon shots. Just don’t forget the cinnamon sticks! For your pumpkin spice loving guests, try these pumpkin spice White Russians. For a cozier option, serve hot buttered rum to warm things up. And don’t forget lots of kid-friendly drinks like hot coco and regular apple cider!


To keep the festivities poolside, consider grilling many of your Thanksgiving favorites. There are so many delicious dishes to grill, you may need more than just one! So fire up your grill and check out this grilled turkey recipe.

Keep the theme going by grilling beyond the main dish. These grilled, spiced sweet potatoes are a great option for a grilled twist on a classic Thanksgiving side dish. Then really wow your guests by serving a grilled dessert – baked apples on the grill. Make sure to pair them with vanilla ice cream and fresh cinnamon.

Thanksgiving is a special time of year, when we give thanks for all that we have and all those we care about most. Don’t let the end of summer stop the good times, great memories and family fun you’ve come to enjoy most about your pool. This Thanksgiving, start a new family tradition and celebrate poolside with family, friends, gratitude and delicious food. It’s sure to be a Thanksgiving tradition that will be loved and enjoyed for years to come.

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