This week we paired two classics together to create the “ultimate poolside burger”. The burger combines the cheese and peppers you’d find on a classic “Philly” with the beefy goodness of a traditional burger. The Philly Cheese Burgers are great by the pool and feed the hungriest of swimmers.

Philly Cheese Burger


Lean Ground Beef (1lb= 2-3 patties)
2 Red Bell Peppers
1 Green Bell Pepper
Provolone Cheese
Hamburger Buns
Canola Oil


Basting or Baking Brush
Cutting Board
Grill Basket or Tin Foil


Begin by cutting your onion and bell peppers into long strips as shown. Apply Canola Oil to Coat the bell pepper and onions and put in grilling basket or wrap in tin foil. Put aside.

Step 2:

Open and form your hamburger patties with your ground Beef. Do not over work the meat. Press and indention in the middle so patties do not plump in the center, brush with canola oil and season each side with salt and pepper.

Step 3:

Place your grill basket (as shown) or tin foil along with your patties on the grill. Flip patties every 7 to 10 minutes and cook until golden brown. Check and flip peppers and onions occasionally.

Note: Avoid pressing patties with the spatula as it dries out the meat.

Step 4:

Apply two slices of cheese for each patty and top with grilled bell peppers and onion. Assemble your Philly Cheese Burgers and serve while hot. Enjoy!

Note: Toast hamburger buns by putting them on the grill for about 15 seconds.