Pool Coping

Coping is the area that lines your pool’s rim, and NPT’s array of colors, materials, and forms all serve to protect your pool’s integrity and enhance its overalldesign.

Coping serves as a picture frame and sets the final tone for your pool’s design. It can create a vivid contrast with its surroundings, a gentle transition to the deck, or provide an extra splash of personality.

In addition to added beauty, coping also helps shield your pool wall from shifting ground, runoff water, and other potentialhazards.

Artisan Coping

Meticulous processes bring a distinct style and feel to our artisan coping options. Satin finishes offer a smooth, consistent surface that is nearly impervious to mold and mildew. Colors like Auburn, Dove Gray, or French Gray create a soothing atmosphere. For a more textured and weathered look, Hand-Rubbed finishes reveal the intricate patterns of natural rock.

Precast Coping

The texture and visual appeal of natural stone aren’t lost through precast coping –in fact, it mimics natural rocks brilliantly. Tried and tested, this sturdy material is simple to install and easyto maintain. And whether it gleams like classic marbleor echoes a weather-hewn rock face, precast coping is an affordable, accommodating option.

Clay Coping

Straight from the earth, clay bricks are among the easiest coping materials to install and repair. This coping’s texture offers a stable surface while appearing smooth. Extremely durable through severe weather, heavy impacts, and passing time, the natural color of clay bricks doesn’t fade over the years, offering a long-lasting and unique look for any pool. “Dark Iron Spot” or sun-warmed ‘Sunset Red” are two appealing options.

Being able to see and feel the difference up close for any of our coping options is easier than you may imagine – simply call to arrange a design appointment and begin the process of bringing your vision to life.

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