Who doesn’t want a tropical oasis in their backyard, where they can relax and take a dip when the weather’s hot? However, there is more to creating this space that just putting in a pool. In fact, there are five factors that need your careful consideration. Read on to find out what they are.

Shape of the pool

The first factor to get right is the shape of the pool that you put in. If possible go for one that has a more natural organic looking edge. Then you can create a full fantasy where the pool area seems like an oasis you have just stumbled upon in the great outdoors.

However, if that sort of pool is outside of your budget then go for something simple, and linear like a rectangle or square. This will give you oasis a modern more spa hotel feeling, and can easily be accentuated with the proper plating to create a truly restful space.

Pool color

Pools are blue right? Well, sort of. In fact, there are lots of different shades of blue and greens and other colors that you can choose to line your pool with.

If you want to go for a full tropical feel, then a light blue liner or tile work is best. However, using a more muted green can also work well as it makes the pool seem more natural. Something that can also make the space seem a little more classy.


Once you have the pool options sorted it’s important to get the landscaping around the water’s edge right. For the natural-looking pools, stones and rocks around the edge can work well. Especially if they are interspersed with shrubs, cacti, and mosses to give that organic feel.

Consider building up the rocks and landscaping on one side of the pool to provide shade when the sun is out as well. Then you will still be able to use the pool safely at all times of the day.

For a more modern oasis look use structural plants like sago palm trees in regimented lines. This will give you that all-important flash of green but also maintain that high-end spa feel that can be so pleasant to relax in. Combine this with simple concrete slabs around the pool edge, and you will have a stylish area you can enjoy all year round.


Don’t forget that while it may be tempting to spend all of your time outside actually in the water, you will need some pool furniture to arrange around the edge as well.

Rattan modular units are a very popular choice at the moment, especially for the more established high end looks. The key benefit of these is that they can be easily arranged in different ways for different occasions, making entertaining just as easy as relaxing.

However, if you are going for a naturalistic look carved built-in wooden pieces may be a better choice. The reason being that these will help to create that just chanced upon tropical oasis vibe.

Source: Luxury Pools