The addition of a pool to your luxury home will add not only aesthetic beauty, but also inject fresh breath into your lifestyle, allow you to exercise, and act as your backyard getaway.

However, to enjoy the many benefits that a luxury pool offers, there are critical maintenance procedures that you should be aware of. These procedures will ensure that you enjoy the installation for years to come.

Testing the pool water

Testing pool water is a maintenance procedure that is aimed at testing the pH, total alkalinity, chlorine, and Calcium Hardness. When the pool is balanced, the chlorine sanitizer will work optimally, killing bacteria and germs. Water balance will also ensure that your eyes and skin are not affected as well as eliminate corrosive action on pool equipment.

Brushing regularly

Physical brushing of the glass tile water lines should be done on a regular basis. While once a week may be enough during winter, the frequency should be higher in summer. Brushing will help to prevent the buildup of algae, keeping the water healthy for you and your family and preventing the edge of the pool from staining.

Pool protection

Pool protection is all about upkeeping your luxury pool when it is not in use. Having a protective cover will help to conserve water and reduce the consumption of chemicals. Since the cover will keep dirt out of the pool, the cleaning time will be shortened significantly. All these benefits will help to protect your investment.

Removing debris

Debris from the outside environment is bound to enter the pool, making it necessary to remove them. There is a variety of pool cleaning equipment that you can use during maintenance. Removing debris will help to attain water balance, prevent the depletion of chlorine and reduce staining on the edges.

Avoiding mineral deposits

When pool water evaporates, mineral deposits are likely to form along the water line. The mineral deposits are commonly known as scale. Avoiding the mineral deposits will make it easy

for you to achieve good chemistry. This will result in a feel-good effect for swimmers.

Additional décor tips

Additional luxury pool décor will enhance the beauty of your space as well as allow you to express your personal style. Once the maintenance procedures are complete, the décor will play a complementary role. This will help to achieve the ambiance you desire.

A waterfall

A pool waterfall is an artificially designed and made decor that allows water to cascade over a vertical surface. The water can flow over one vertical drop or over a series of drops. A waterfall will help to add a touch of nature to your pool, allowing for a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere while in the luxury pool.

A floating pool umbrella

This exciting development in water recreation is meant to add fun when you are out in the sun. The décor brings both comfort and relaxation when you are out relaxing in the pool. Some of the floating pool umbrellas come with additional features such as a floating drink holder.

Glow balls

Glow balls, also known as floating pool lights, are plastic orbs that contain LED mood lights. The décor is usually used in pools, spas, and other water features to create an amazing effect. Although they can be used at any time, glow balls would be a great addition to the pool when you host your guests for a party.

Floating lounge chairs

A floating lounge chair is the epitome of luxury. Since it is meant to be included in a luxury pool, it will give you the ultimate experience of lavishness and relaxation. Combining the floating chair and floating umbrella will complete your experience, helping you to get the most from your pool.

Source: Luxury Pools