As a pool owner, you look forward to pool season all year. Even if you’re one of the lucky ones to live in a climate that supports year-round swimming, summer means extra fun by the pool. Many times, this means amazing pool parties with boisterous children, plenty of refreshments, and lots of entertainment.

But sometimes you just need a break. A place to unwind. A relaxing “getaway” in the comfort of your own backyard. Luckily, your pool is ideal for this, too! Why spend time and money at an impersonal spa when you have everything you need outside your back door?

Read on for some tips on using your pool for the ultimate relaxation day.

Add Some Music

One of the easiest ways to add a spa feel to your pool is through music. But you don’t want to risk damaging your stereo or indoor speakers. Instead, consider installing weatherproof speakers (like Rockustics) and outdoor sound systems (like TruAudio) that are engineered to withstand virtually any kind of weather or climate.

And once you’ve installed your all-weather sound system, you’ll need some tunes. But unlike your pool bash, you’ll want to opt for soothing sounds to transport you to a tranquil atmosphere. Music choice is personal – everyone chills out to their own beat – but we all know that the perfect playlist helps us truly find our bliss.

Did You Know?

A study by the University of Nevada, Reno suggests that our brainwaves align with music playing at 60 beats per minute. This induces so-called alpha brainwaves that are similar to those we experience when we are awake but relaxed.

Not sure your playlist is conducive to relaxation? Try selections popular with spas or inspired by nature. Instrumental selections – especially with Native American, Celtic, Indian, or Japanese stringed instruments, drums, and flutes – have a calming effect on the mind. Likewise, the sound of ocean waves, rain, and thunder are soothing when combined with gentle melodies.

Start by sampling some of these selections – but remember, make it your own. You won’t relax if your soundtrack isn’t soothing to you:

Add the Right Lighting

Light is important for safety around the pool, especially at night. But lights are also important for creating a haven for relaxation. Mood lighting can also enhance the ambiance and bring a sense of calm. Outdoor lights (like Vista Lighting), water accent lights (like Kichler Lighting), and specialty color lighting (like FX Luminaire) can add serene visual appeal while also keeping your swimmers safe.

Did You Know?

Mood lighting is so important that there’s even a field of study called “lighting psychology” that investigates how light directly influences our mood.

Adding unique pool lighting offers a departure from the mundane. Today’s advancements in lighting technology have transformed what is possible in underwater and swimming pool architectural lighting. From in-deck fiber optics to color-lit arches of streaming water, you can work with modern lighting solutions to create a dynamic visual display that captures your heart.

Modern pool lighting is also fully customizable. “Smart” lighting tools allow you to adjust brightness, color, and display patterns with fully wireless control, meaning your sunny poolside can gradually give way to calming evening hues when the sensors detect decreasing ambient light.

When looking for serene pool lighting, consider the color in addition to the brightness of the lights:

  • Reds: “Warmer” light colors such as red, orange, and yellow that have lower color temperatures are correlated with deeper relaxation. The eye’s sensitivity to light decreases as wavelength increases, and red has the longest wavelength of all the basic colors.

  • Blues: Blue lighting helps you relax more quickly and more thoroughly than conventional white light. Also, blue light has been found to boost cognitive performance.

  • Greens: Green is another color linked to relaxation. Green lighting is used in many medical settings for its fresh yet soothing qualities, and it promotes rest by activating the sleep hormone melanopsin.

Make Sure It’s Comfortable

No matter how calming your tunes are or how soothing your lighting is, you can’t relax if you’re not comfortable. You certainly have seating around your pool. And if you’re any kind of pool owner, you definitely have a few basic pool rafts. But do you have the little extras that bring the ultimate relaxation?

  • Pool Floats: Today’s upscale pool pillows aren’t like ordinary inflatable rafts. You can get oversized pillows filled with polystyrene beads that don’t need to be inflated or giant floating mats that accommodate multiple swimmers.

  • In-Pool Lounge: If you don’t want to submerge but enjoy the cool comfort of your crystal pool water, opt for a water chaise (like the Ledge Lounger Signature Chaise or the S.R. Smith Destination Lounger. These offer a perfect balance of relaxation and access to the water on your pool’s tanning ledge.

  • Poolside Rest: Taking a break from the water? Don’t let the relaxation end there! Sure, you can seat yourself on standard deck chairs (like the cushioned Ledge Lounger Mainstay Chaise)… or take your serenity a step further with a pool deck bed (like the Ledge Lounger Affinity Sunbed).

  • Shade: Your poolside relaxation isn’t complete without some respite from the beating sun. If you’re not interested in installing a permanent shade structure in your pool or on your pool deck, you can still enjoy the benefits of a pop-up pergola, a shade sail, or a freestanding umbrella or two (like Bluewave Umbrellas) that you can position wherever you most need to block the rays.

Did You Know?

Researchers at Emory University School of Medicine determined that poolside umbrellas (or any rain umbrella, for that matter) block 77% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Got Your Relax On Yet?

As you can see, there are so many options to choose from. Hopefully, this gives you a starting point as you investigate all the ways you can tailor your swimming pool to suit your relaxation needs. Here’s to finding your bliss!