Earth Day is an annual event that serves as a reminder for us to be more mindful of our beautiful planet. We each have the ability to help make the world a better place and realizing that the choices we make can be as simple as selecting the most energy efficient products for our homes – and our pools – is life changing.

Here are three simple ways to start making a difference this Earth Day:

ENERGY STAR® Certified Pool Pumps

Did you know your pool pump is second only to your air conditioner in terms of energy consumption? Say what? And did you know that a 2HP pool pump can create as much carbon emissions as an SUV? Woah; those are insanely high levels. What can you do to make a difference?

You can reduce your carbon footprint by simply upgrading to a pool pump with variable speed technology that is ENERGY STAR certified. This is such a simple change and we make it super easy!

Pentair offers a full line of ENERGY STAR certified pool pumps. Click here to learn more about our partnership with ENERGY STAR and see our ENERGY STAR certified pool pumps. We are also offering a rebate for the purchase of a selection of our most energy efficient pumps. Check out our Pump Rebate Page to learn more!

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Did you know that switching to a robotic pool cleaner can help you save on your utility bills and reduce your energy consumption? That’s right; it will!

Robotic cleaners don’t require the use of your pool pump or a booster pump to operate because they use an independent source of low-voltage electricity to power themselves and clean your pool. To use a robotic cleaner simply plug it in, place it your pool and watch it go to work.

Pentair offers a full line of robotic pool cleaners for both aboveground and in-ground pools. Click here to learn more about each of our robotic pool cleaners. We are also offering rebates on the full line of Prowler® and Warrior® Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaners. Check out our Cleaner Rebate Page to learn more!

Earth Day Pledge

As ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year and your partner in smart, sustainable water solutions. For life. We’re inviting you to join us and take the Earth Day Pledge. By taking the Earth Day Pledge, you’re promising to make better energy choices and pick energy efficient options and each action you take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at your own home really makes a difference. Together we can make a significant impact on our environment, and our water resources.

So if you’re ready to make a difference, take the Earth Day Pledge now. Happy Earth Day!