Have you been tempted by the idea of having your very own backyard pool retreat? Christmas is the perfect time to give your family this phenomenal gift! Aside from that initial excitement, here are three reasons why a new swimming pool is the perfect Christmas gift:


With countless pool games and activities to choose from, there is always something fun to do that gets everyone moving when you have your own swimming pool. Here are a few of our favorite pool games to get the family started!

In addition to family fun, swimming is an excellent way to get a whole-body workout that’s gentle on the joints! Even if someone has trouble with strenuous physical activity, gentle water yoga or aquatic therapy exercises can be great alternatives. Check out these pool exercises that are great for just about anyone!


A pool naturally draws the whole family together. Whether lounging about with your latest summer reads or racing each other across the water, you’ll all have plenty to do together. Sharing those summer fun activities builds bonds and gives you something in common that you all love. You’ll get to know kids’ friends as they hang out at the pool together, too. And if you want to have a staycation instead of making the long trek to the beach, it couldn’t be easier!


Having a swimming pool isn’t just for the kids! Send the kids off to the grandparents’ or a friend’s house, then enjoy a relaxing evening together by the pool. Turn on some low-key lighting, bring out a bottle of wine and you’ll have a night to remember!

Because you won’t have the swimming pool in your yard yet and swimming pools don’t fit well under the tree, here are two creative ways to let the kids unwrap the experience:

  • Wrap up pool toys and other pool accessories, so everyone can open something that clues them in to the big reveal. As they unwrap their gifts, they’ll quickly get the hint!
  • Mark out the area where the pool will be situated. You could use a chalk marker or tape if it’s not snowy, or get creative with food coloring or yarn if it is. Additionally, sprinkle some biodegradable “fairy dust” over the space where the pool will go, then place a card from Santa by the door, explaining that he couldn’t fit the present in his sleigh but wants you all to know that he has something special for the backyard this summer.

Now that you’ve settled on the perfect Christmas gift and have ideas for revealing it, you’re ready have a fun-filled holiday. Put on some hot cocoa, get ready for the big reveal and enjoy all the memories! Happy Holidays!

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