The wind rustling through the trees, the promise of a cold front on sun-drenched skin, the anticipation of warm memories to be made… that’s right, fall is here! The end of summer means back-to-school, football and cooler weather. You may be ready to cozy up in a blanket with a cup of your favorite pumpkin spice-flavored drink, but is your backyard ready for the change of seasons? Here are some fall must-have outdoor living products that will help you transition your outdoor living space from a summer paradise to an autumn retreat.

Fall Pool and Spa Supplies

Unless you live in a particularly warm region, the start of fall means the end of pool season. Here are some products that are useful when you are using your pool less.

Swimming Pool Cover

One of the most important swimming pool products you can purchase is a safety or winter pool cover. These valuable covers protect your pool from freeze damage, keep out debris and pests and keep family and neighbors safe. Additionally, swimming pool covers make opening your pool easier and less stressful. Check out our guide to swimming pool covers here.

Backyard Swimming Pool Cover

This swimming pool cover works great because it hugs the curves and angles of this freeform pool. Make sure to select a cover that fits your pool’s shape.

Hot Tub Accessories

If cold weather causes you to use your pool less, the change in temperatures has the opposite effect on hot tub use. Hot tubs are an excellent way to continue to enjoy your backyard during fall and winter. Hot tub owners – make your hot tub your favorite place to hang out with these cool accessories: waterproof playing cards, scent crystals and lighting!

Outdoor Heating

If you want to spend more time in your backyard during autumn, you’ll want to invest in an outdoor heater. Outdoor heating means the difference between shivering when you step foot outside and enjoying your backyard all year round. Below we offer some suggestions for conventional and unique outdoor heating solutions you can incorporate today!

Outdoor Heaters

Surface-mounted patio heaters radiate warmth and their streamlined design makes them the perfect subtle heating option. They won’t visually impact your environment, but these outdoor heaters will transform the way you enjoy your backyard during autumn. We love these models from Infratech.

Infratech’s Outdoor Horizontal Heaters

Infratech’s outdoor heaters are horizontal, providing radiant heat for your backyard.

Infratech’s Outdoor Heating Solutions, Outdoor Living

Infratech’s outdoor heating solutions are sleek and available in a range of sizes to suit your environment.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are so versatile: entertainment, bonding and even cooking! You can even customize your fire pit to fit your backyard style. For example, rustic backyards may incorporate a natural stone fire pit, while modern outdoor living spaces may opt for a concrete model. For some fire pit design ideas, check out this guide.

Square Fire Pit Made with Natural Stone, Backayd pool

Square fire pit made with natural stone enhances the rustic feel of this backyard.

Round Firepits, Outdoor Living Space Beside Pool

Round firepits give a comfortable feel to your outdoor living space.

Beautiful Fire Pit with NPT Jules Rustic Mocha Blend Pool Tile and Indigo Fire Glass

Looking for a show-stopping fire pit? Customize your tile and interior material, like this beautiful pit made with NPT Jules Rustic Mocha Blend pool tile and indigo fire glass!

Outdoor Fireplaces

Fireplaces exude elegance and warmth, making them an outstanding outdoor heating solution. Available in a range of sizes and styles, from traditional paver models to stunning painted brick fireplaces, you can design an outdoor fireplace that fits your needs and style. Here are some of our favorite outdoor fireplace ideas.

Concrete Angular Shape Outdoor Fireplace

Concrete material and angular shape give this outdoor fireplace rustic appeal.

Outdoor Fireplace Under Pergola with Couches

This fireplace built into a pergola makes the perfect place to warm up and wind down.

Belgard Brighton Fireplace, Two Wood Boxes for Easy Firewood Storage

This beautiful Belgard Brighton fireplace features two wood boxes for easy firewood storage.

Firewood Storage Boxes

If you have a wood-burning fire pit or fireplace, you’ll want a storage container to keep your extra firewood organized. We’re in love with these clever and attractive firewood storage solutions.

Clever Firewood Storage Box Design, Separates Logs from Kindling

This clever firewood storage box design separates logs from kindling, making fire-starting a breeze. Image from: Pinterest

Backyard Honeycomb Style Firewood Storage Box

This honeycomb style firewood storage box feels earthy and modern. Image from: Pinterest

Backyard Triangular Firewood Storage

Love the rustic look? Consider this triangular firewood storage solution. Image from: Pinterest

Outdoor Kitchens and Grills

Fall’s cooler weather makes the perfect environment for outdoor cooking. Gather friends for game day or host a family picnic in the backyard. Here are some grills and outdoor kitchen ideas that will help you make the most of the season.


Nothing screams tailgating and game day fun like grilling. Get your backyard ready for fall with an outdoor grill. Need a little inspiration on what to cook? Check out over 100 backyard grilling recipe ideas here.

Ceramic Primo Oval XL 400 Grill with Cypress Table

Check out this ceramic Primo Oval XL 400 grill with cypress table.

Grilled Corn on the Cob

Our mouths are watering looking at this grilled corn on the cob.

Louisiana Grills Cabinet Pellet Grill

This Louisiana Grills Cabinet Pellet Grill uses wood pellets for unbeatable flavor.

Outdoor Kitchens

What makes an outdoor kitchen different than a grill? Outdoor kitchens are structures with additional food-safe features like storage, built-in cutting boards, refrigerators and more. A grill can be a part of an outdoor kitchen, however, as can warming drawers, ice machines, dishwashers and other accessories. Outdoor kitchens make outdoor entertaining easy, fun and hassle-free. For a complete guide to outdoor kitchens, click here.

Bull BBQ Outdoor kitchen with Burners, Refrigerators, Griddles & Cooking Accessories

Customize your Bull BBQ outdoor kitchen with burners, refrigerators, griddles and other cooking accessories.

Bull BBQ Grilled Pizza

Have you ever tried grilled pizza? We love this grilled pizza recipe from Bull BBQ!

Bull BBQ Outdoor Kitchen with Refrigerator

This Bull BBQ outdoor kitchen features a refrigerator with plenty of room for chilling drinks, produce, sauces and more!

Outdoor Furniture and Décor

One of the best ways to prepare your backyard for autumn is to make sure you have items that will make you comfortable in your space. For example, cozy outdoor sofas, warm blankets and patio lighting. Let’s discuss some more ideas for your fall backyard:

Outdoor Sofas

Imagine lounging on a cozy outdoor sofa gazing up at the constellations on a crisp fall night. If this sounds like heaven to you, you’ll want an outdoor sofa in your backyard. Just make sure to find one that fits your personal style. If you need inspiration, explore this outdoor living space guide to find what style you like best!

Backyard Couch with White Cushions, Pumpkins & Flowers

Not sure of your backyard style? Take our quiz! Image from: Pinterest

Autumn Porch Sofa, White Woven Blankets and Orange Pillows

White woven blankets and orange pillows enhance this autumn porch. Image from: Pinterest

Outdoor Sofa with White Cushions, Fall Season

Cozy up with friends and family this fall on an outdoor sofa! Image from: Pinterest

Outdoor Pillows and Blankets

If you have outdoor furniture, you need fluffy blankets and pillows to enjoy the experience even more! Have fun picking out items that you love – don’t be afraid to get creative with colors and textures.

Fall Color Pillows in Dark Pinks, Purples and Oranges

Pillows in dark pinks, purples and oranges give a contemporary fall feeling.

Outdoor Couch Decor with Blanket, Tons of Pillows & Glowing Candles

Tons of outdoor pillows, cozy blankets and glowing candles exude warmth and comfort. Image from: Instagram

Fall Front Porch Potted Mums, Plaid Blanket and White Pumpkin.

We love this sweet take on a fall front porch featuring potted mums, plaid blanket and white pumpkin. Image from: Pinterest

Outdoor Lighting

When the seasons change, the days begin to grow shorter and shorter. Therefore, extend the usable hours of your backyard with outdoor lighting. For lighting ideas based on your style, check out this article.

Pathways and Flora Outdoor Lighting, Outdoor Safety

Outdoor lighting illuminates pathways and flora, providing safety after dark.

Strategically Placed Outdoor Lighting, Backyard Living

Strategically placed outdoor lighting enables you to spend more time in your backyard.

Backyard Longer, Neutron Path Lights

Enjoy your backyard longer with these Neutron path lights.

Pergolas with Twinkle Lights

Give your backyard a whimsical touch with a wooden pergola with twinkle lights. The string lights illuminate your backyard as the days get shorter while the pergola provides rustic structure.

Backyard Illuminated Pergola with Path Lighting

This is a fall backyard at its finest – path lights leading to an illuminated pergola. Perfect for enjoying conversations under the stars. Image from: Pinterest

Sparkly Pergola, Curtain of Lights Behind Seating Area

Want a sparkly look for your pergola? Consider adding a curtain of lights behind your seating area. Image from: Pinterest

Porch Outdoor Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains exude glamour. Image from: Pinterest

Storage Sheds

Saying goodbye to summer means you’ll need storage for those summer essentials like pool floats and toys, landscaping tools and chemicals. Therefore, a must-have product for fall is the storage shed. From small models to sheds that resemble tiny homes, there are so many styles of storage sheds to discover. Here are some beautiful ideas:

Brown Storage Sheds Setup For Patio and Décor

Some storage sheds are simple while others like this one feature a patio and décor!

Attached Storage Shed with Home Color Matching

Keep it streamlined with an attached storage shed that matches the colors of your home. Image from: Pinterest

Outdoor Televisions

Picture yourself watching the big game on an outdoor television while you grill and enjoy company with friends and family. Sounds perfect? Why not invest in an outdoor television? Televisions designed for the outdoors means protection from the elements so you can entertain rain or shine.

Backyard Outdoor Televisions Show

Imagine enjoying your favorite television show from the comfort of your own backyard.

Outdoor Speakers

In addition to an outdoor television, outdoor speakers like these fabulous models from TruAudio bring the comfort of your living room into your backyard. Listen to music, broadcast the game or set the mood with outdoor speakers.

TruAudio Hardscape Sub in Tan, Acoustiscape™ & RK Series in Tan.

From left to right: TruAudio Hardscape Sub in Tan; Acoustiscape; RK Series in Tan.

Hardscape & Landscape Products

Conversation Pits

Nothing says “coziness” like a conversation pit. A conversation pit is a sunken sitting area usually centered around a focal point like a fire pit or special table. Incorporate one into your backyard design for an unforgettable look. Here are some of our favorite outdoor conversation pits:

Natural Stone Conversation Pit with Bohemian Décor and Accents.

Check out this natural stone conversation pit. We love the bohemian décor and accents. Image from: Pinterest

Natural-Looking Conversation Pit with Fire Pit

We love this natural-looking conversation pit. Image from: Pinterest

Low-Key Furniture, Conversation Pit, Modern Appearance

Low-key furniture and wood accents give this conversation pit a modern appearance. Image from: Contemporist

Decks & Patios

Fall is a great time for upgrading your outdoor living space, especially your patio or deck area! Autumn weather is conducive to these types of projects, so get inspired with these ideas and contact a landscape designer near you today!

Unique Maroon Stone Hardscapes Pattern

Arrange your hardscapes in a pattern for a unique appearance.

Deck or Patio with Concrete Stone Steps

Build the deck or patio you’ve been waiting for! Fall is the perfect time for these types of projects.

Textured Pavers Backyard Look

Textured pavers look fabulous in this backyard.

Fall Landscaping

Autumn is known for its rich color palette of reds, oranges, yellows and purples. Bring those colors into your garden with fall plants like Chrysanthemums (mums), Black Eyed Susans, Sunflowers and Japanese Maples. For more fall landscaping ideas, check out our Pinterest board!

Chrysanthemums, Fall Garden Flowers

Chrysanthemums are essential flowers for a fall garden.

Japanese Autumn Maple Crimson Leaves

Crimson leaves on this Japanese Maple exude autumn beauty.

Black Eyed Susans Flowers, Fall Plant

Black Eyed Susans make the perfect fall plant! Rich yellow bursts from these delicate flowers.

DIY Décor Projects for Fall

If your backyard is ready for fall but you’re still looking for some fun ways to upgrade your outdoor living space, try your hand at a few autumn-inspired DIY décor projects.

No-Carve Pumpkins

If you’re like us, you love the look of decorated pumpkin but aren’t so in love with the mess and danger of pumpkin carving. Have no fear! Below we offer some gorgeous no-carve pumpkin ideas to decorate your outdoor living space, porch or garden!

Unicorn Themed Pumpkin with Flowers

Use paint to decorate a pumpkin with your favorite animal, mythical creature or character!

Pumpkin with Dried Flowers

Using a hot glue gun, attach dried flowers to a pumpkin for a funky boho look. Image from: Pinterest

Glittering Drilling lantern Pumpkin Holes, Placing Candle or Light in the Pumpkin!

Making a glittering lantern pumpkin is as easy as drilling holes into the sides, then placing a candle or light in the pumpkin! Image from: Pinterest

Fall Wreath

Using the fall color palette as inspiration, find flowers, pinecones, pumpkins and other harvest items to build your fall wreath. Other ideas to include on your autumn wreath are colorful ears of corn, woodland creatures and burlap. Here are a few of our favorite designs:

Hello Fall, Welcome Autumn Wreath

Welcome autumn into your home with this “Hello Fall” wreath. Image from: Pinterest

Glue Colorful Ears of Corn to a Wreath

Glue colorful ears of corn to a wreath for a harvest-inspired display. Image from: Pinterest

Cornucopia Wreath with Pumpkins, Gourds & Pinecones

Give thanks with this cornucopia wreath. Use pumpkins, gourds, pinecones and other supplies to decorate your craft.

Fall Centerpiece

Looking to enhance the fall look of your backyard? Create an autumn centerpiece for your outdoor table! Centerpieces are a fun and easy craft that you can customized based on your personal style. Scroll through the ideas below to find centerpiece inspiration for your tablescape, then upload a photo to social media and tag #StaycationInStyle to show us your designs!

Carve Center Pumpkin with Flowers, Fall Centerpiece

Carve out the center of a pumpkin and fill it with flowers like this beautiful fall centerpiece above. Image from: Southern Living

Modern Twist on a Fall Centerpiece,  Greenery and Succulents

For a modern twist on a fall centerpiece, incorporate greenery and succulents. Image from: Southern Living

Elegant Farmhouse Backyard Table Fall Leaves Centerpiece

We love this elegant farmhouse centerpiece that uses real fall leaves! Image from: Pinterest