Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re planning to celebrate with the one you love or host a singles awareness party poolside, now is the time to prepare! Valentine’s Day only comes once a year…so let’s get ready:

valentines dinner poolside


If your pool is closed, make sure the deck and cover are clear of debris. Once the deck is clear, make sure there aren’t any dirty areas that may need to be cleaned. If there are areas that need to be cleaned don’t rinse the water towards your pool. The dirt and soap will alter your pool’s water chemistry and that can cause problems down the road.

If your pool is open, make sure the pool is clean. Run the automatic pool cleaner if necessary and remove any large debris. Clean any debris or dirt that may have built up on your pool deck, again being careful not to rinse the water towards your pool. If you plan to take a swim, make sure all your equipment is working properly and that your pool heater is getting the water to the right temperature. Check your water chemistry and ensure your pool water is in balance. Also, if you plan to use any pool automation to help set the mood, test that out as well.


Now that your pool is ready, it’s time to make sure the ambiance is set. Lighting plays a crucial role in truly setting the mood, especially on a holiday like Valentine’s Day. Make sure to illuminate the pathway around your pool for safety. You can use tea lights or small luminaries to do this. If your pool is closed, you can add string lights to bushes and trees around your pool and candles to the table. If your pool is open, you can use your pool lights to help set the mood. You can float candles and flowers on the pool water, if appropriate for your celebration.

If you have a fire pit or you’re in the market for one, now’s a great time to put it to use. Whether your snuggling under the stars by the fire or just roasting marshmallows with your friends, a fire pit is an excellent accessory for any winter poolside celebration.

Don’t forget about the music! Break out those speakers and create the perfect Valentine’s Day playlist of your favorite tunes. The right playlist of music is sure to help you craft the perfect mood.


Don’t get shy this Valentine’s Day when it comes to décor! From string lights to floating flowers, it’s easy to decorate around your poolscape. Additionally, some of the hottest colors the season include bright reds, pink and purple. A few new accents with these colors will work for Valentine’s Day and throughout the remainder of the season.

Make the night romatinc with a candlelit dinner for two. All you need is a small table and chairs, a tablecloth, some candles and your favorite dish. Don’t forget the wine or champagne! You can even add a pop-up movie screen and show your favorite movie or a special home movie.

If the night is about a group of friends, have a table with refreshments and show the group’s favorite movie!

There’s no wrong way to celebrate Valentine’s Day as long as you’re with those you care about most – friends or family. So spruce up your pool and gather around to celebrate this Valentine’s Day!