Let’s be honest, being at home gives us the push we need to take stock of the items and projects in our homes. If you’ve ever gotten excited about a DIY project or look forward to putting things where they belong, you know what we mean. We clean everything until it’s spotless, decorate until we love the space and tackle projects that we pushed off all year long. You may have started indoors, but in this article, we’ll be focusing on easy, fun, budget-friendly ways to upgrade your outdoor living area.

While it may just be because of the humidity or the heat from the sun causing us to push the project off, it is worthwhile in the long run. Outdoor living rooms expand your functional space and landscaping improves the overall value of your home, anywhere from five to twelve percent!

We understand that before you start working outside, you want ideas on what could be done. That’s why we’re here. Although some home improvement projects require spending money, today we’re focusing on projects that you can do at little or no cost to you! From furniture and décor to refurbishing and upcycling, we have ideas that will make your backyard look inviting and personal without spending hundreds of dollars. Follow along as we offer tips that will help you transform your backyard into a DIY paradise.

Don’t Buy, Refurbish!


Remember those extra stone pavers you have from when you planted a garden last year? Don’t let them take up any more space in your shed. Instead, refurbish them to create a fire pit! Fire pits serve as places to entertainment, cook and bond. Roast s’mores on chilly nights and share stories with friends and family around the fire. The best part? Fire pits create an alluring focal point for even the smallest backyards. Check out this article for some design inspiration.

Place the stone pavers in a circular, overlapping pattern to create a rustic stone fire pit on a budget. Don’t forget to lay down gravel or sand before you place the pavers!

Backyard Fire Pit, Outdoor Living


Many outdoor living articles offer suggestions for outdoor rugs to brighten up your backyard living space. If you’re on a budget, consider painting the concrete slab near your patio furniture for a customized, totally unique appearance!

If you like the look of patterns to give the area contrast, paint stripes or even a stenciled pattern like a damask. This look is perfect for neutral tones like grey, white and black. If you are going for more of an art deco design, paint in bright, vivid colors such as blue, reds or yellows. Not only will this look be easy to clean but it can also last for years!


Stone paths are a great way to give movement within your backyard. Whether it’s going to a secret garden or even around the side of your house, they keep a wandering eye moving around your open space. Pathways and walkways are also essential for guiding guests and protecting your landscaping.

Even though stone paths might be some of the most common ways to spruce up your backyard, have you ever thought about customizing them? Similar to the previous idea, if you have a stenciled design, you can spray paint over the stone to give it some dimension. If you have kids, ask your kids to add paint to their hands and place it on each stone, to create a walking memory for their childhood.


Have you thought about adding some personality to your fence? Your fence is one spot that many don’t think about decorating, but offers a great opportunity to express your creative style.

Whether each board is a bright artistic color, or painted in solidarity, this simple feature can brighten up your whole surrounding area. If you are looking for something different but still want that pop of color, drill small holes and add marbles in its place sparingly throughout the wood boards. When the light hits your fence, a colorful light show will appear across your yard. To give even more contrast, paint your fence a white so the colors will reflect more.

Out with the old, and in with the new!

Pallet Furniture Outdoor Ideas


The great thing about pallets is some companies have an overwhelming supply, some give them away for free! Call your local hardware store and double-check before driving over.

Pallets are known for their sturdy build, which makes them perfect to turn into a rustic furniture piece! They can be upcycled into individual seats, sectional sofas, porch swings, coffee tables or even daybeds. Paint or even stain them to a desired color to complete your look. From here, find patio cushions and pillows to add comfort to your new set.


Check your attic because you may even have an extra table or wooden chairs laying around. Old wood furnishings are known for their strong seal and durability. Spruce them up with colorful paint to use as patio furniture. Don’t forget to seal it for extra protection against the elements! This look can good for those going for a natural, rustic, farmhouse, and even an art deco design.


One of the best parts of summer is the bright and wonderful sunshine. However, too much time in the sun can quickly end your day of fun. Enter your old patio umbrella! Instead of tossing it away, bring it to its former glory with just a creative touch.

Give it a good cleaning and then leave it to dry for a day. Next, go to your local craft store and grab the fabric paint of your choice. After two to three coats, the umbrella is restored for a third of the price of a new one! Perfect for sunny poolside afternoons.

Looking for more? Check out this décor!


Everyone loves the fresh look of a well-maintained flower bed or garden. The bright and beautiful buds are so inspiring during the spring and summer months. But sometimes those red clay pots just don’t brighten up your backyard as much as you would love them to. Marbleizing them will not only give them a textured look but give a sense of value with the design. Turn those pots upside down, fill an old cup up with layers of paint and flip it on the pot’s end. The dripping paint will create a marbleized look sure to highlight empty spaces.


For those who like a little more structure to their landscape, consider adding a planter box! These are perfect for a wall of flowers, veggies, herbs, or even succulents! Feeling crafty? Create a vertical planter (or “living wall”) using pallets! Vertical planters not only fill your wall or fence with lively greenery but also make the perfect selfie backdrop at your next gathering.

Best Outdoor Lighting, Backyard Events


The more lights you place in your backyard, the more open and inviting your backyard will seem. Outdoor lighting highlights areas of your backyard at night, providing safety as well as drawing attention to important features. Subtle lights such as solar garden lights are great to highlight dark corners, line pathways, or even to brighten up your garden. String lights are helpful to set a tone or mood to your backyard event, like a date night, sleepover, or even a late-night swim!


Ever wanted to watch a movie poolside at night? Well now you can! Dig up an old white flat sheet, hang it up on your fence or tie between two trees. Using a projector, project your movie onto the sheet for a super-cool outdoor movie experience. The best part? They even make projectors that connect to your phone. How easy is that?

Next, pick a selection of your favorite snacks, drinks and movies and float into your outdoor movie theater! Get ready to make a splash with your next backyard event! *Warning: can be fun for you, friends, and the whole family*

We hope you’ll use these tips to design your outdoor living room on a budget.