Dreaming of that one week a year when you can escape the grind of your 8-to-5 and jet off to some exotic locale? You’ll lounge poolside while cabana boys serve you frozen drinks, the waters glistens turquoise, and the sun paints the whole scene in gold.

But why not enjoy that scene every day? Take that vacation money and spend it on creating a resort in your backyard. Transform your one week of pleasure into a year-round lifestyle of relaxation, available steps away from your door whenever the urge to unwind strikes.

Along with a luxurious inground pool, outfit your escape with an array of outdoor swimming pool accessories . Under the shade of a cabana or pergola, let the wind rock you to sleep in a cushioned hanging bed. Or bask in the sun in sleek pool lounge chairs. Create a tropical atmosphere with colorful landscaping, including palm trees, bright splashes of sweet-smelling flowers, and oversized tropical plants.

Luxurious Outdoor Pool with in Pool Seating & Firebowl on the Perimeter

Outfit this dreamy scene with strands of sparkling lights to create a magical atmosphere come nightfall. Hanging lanterns, color-changing LED pool lights and floating LED glow balls create a festive atmosphere. And if you decide to invite friends and family to share in your luxurious oasis, you’ll be able to feed a crowd with your well-appointed outdoor kitchen. Include staples like an oversized grill, ceramic smoker, and wine fridge.

With resort-style living available just out your backdoor, you may lose your desire for exotic vacations. There’s only one thing left to perfect the vision – find someone to serve you frozen drinks as the sun melts your cares away!

Backyard Luxurious Oasis | Backyard Living

source: https://www.swimmingpool.com/blog/create-a-backyard-resort/