When most people think about a relaxing summer afternoon, warm rays of sunshine, a sizzling barbecue or the smell of freshly cut grass might come to mind. At Pentair, we believe those are all a good start – but the truly standout summer sensation is a refreshing dip in a clean, clear pool. And we want to make those moments as enjoyable as possible, because we’re committed being your partner in smart, sustainable water solutions for life.

Pentair filters keep your pool crystalline-clear, so your backyard celebrations can be neighborhood highlights. Our high-efficiency filtration systems remove impurities like dirt, hair, sunscreen and other fine particles, providing families with peace of mind. We believe that clean, clear water shouldn’t just come from the tap – it should be the expectation in every facet of your life.

We’re also thinking about our customers’ wellbeing beyond their yard by protecting their world and their pocketbooks. When we learned that it takes about 20 medium-sized power plants’ worth of energy just to fuel America’s in-ground swimming pools every year, we knew we needed to help.

That’s why, more than a decade ago, we began a journey to help our customers enjoy their pools while saving energy, sparking an industry-wide revolution when we became the first to introduce variable speed technology to the pool industry.

We believe that memories by the pool shouldn’t mean sky-high energy bills, so we’ve made energy efficiency a priority for our customers by creating industry standards in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy for pool pumps. Doing so makes for a more sustainable world, and saves our customers money so they can enjoy the water in their lives.

At Pentair, we believe that a single drop of water is the start of something special. That’s why we’re committed to keeping your pool as clean and healthy as every other part of your home. To learn more about Pentair pool technologies and locate a qualified Pentair dealer, click here.

source: https://www.pentair.com/en-us/about-pentair/newsroom/blog/clear-clean-summer-splashing-in-the-pool.html