Like any home improvement, you want to get the maximum benefit by making the best use of your space. If you’re having a gazebo built, you’ll wish to take into account how you’ll use it, how much furniture needs to be accommodated, and where best to position the structure itself. If you think this graceful addition might double as a guest house, you’ll want to factor plumbing and even winterization in to your budget.

When it comes to backyard pools, you’ll need to look at the pool size in relation to your backyard’s size as well as the pool’s purpose. Pool shapes and amenities have evolved from just your standard rectangular structure. Whether a tiny pool or an infinity pool, you can really customize this refreshing addition to your home’s outdoor entertainment center.

Top Five Questions to Ask Yourself About Your New Pool

Pools are permanent structures. You therefore want to weigh your options carefully. (Although pool planning is almost as fun as pool owning! It gives you the opportunity to design your slice of heaven.)

Poolonomics offers some key questions to ask yourself:

  1. What sort of space do you have in your backyard?
  2. Where in the space do you envision the pool’s location?
  3. How many family members will be using the pool?
  4. Are you already planning big pool parties? Or just keeping it all to yourself?
  5. What shape is the most functional for your needs?

If you’ve never owned a pool, the last question may be harder to answer. The conventional shape is rectangular, but what are the benefits of other pool shapes? Think about these options as potential silhouettes!

Circular Pools

As the name implies, circular pools really make a splash. The simplicity of this shape makes it quite glamorous. You can stylishly surround it with chaise lounges and chic cantilever umbrellas. Not only are those shade devices portable, their rounded structure will nicely mirror the pool’s shape.

To get the most out of this style pool, you will need a good deal of wide-open space. Besides the pool itself needing enough room, you’ll also want enough room to appreciate the full visual impact of this statement piece.

Freeform Pools

There is nothing cookie cutter about this pool shape solution. Think of the kinds of pools you’ve seen pictured in the backyards of professional athletes as well as the rich and famous. This super-customizable solution is the stuff of luxury.

With the right textiles and touches, you can create your brand of indulgence for any pool installation. With freeform pools however, you can define your pool’s profile in an infinite variety of ways!

Kidney Pools

Shaped sort of like the bean, this is as popular a form as the traditional rectangular pools. They offer graphic interest because they are not linear and allow for a nice natural alcove along the pool line to place your outdoor furniture.

According to The Spruce:

The first kidney-shaped swimming pool was designed by landscape architect Thomas Church in 1948. Up until that time, most swimming pools were rectilinear in shape, for a straightforward lap-swimming experience. Church’s biomorphic design was photographed for many magazines, making the kidney shape a popular choice for residential swimming pools.

Roman & Grecian Pools

For an aesthetic that looks like a movie set, these styles are reminiscent of one another but still distinctive. They are both in a word…grand. The opulence of a Roman bath framed in majestic columns with arches at either end makes a compelling statement. Grecian pools are similarly opulent with their spacious design and their interesting cut outs at each corner.

You can feel like a king or a queen when ensconced in such splendor. Although patterned after ancient structures there is nothing antiquated about these pool designs.

Figure 8 Pools

You may not see this outline embraced as much as some others, but these pools lend an interesting hourglass shape to your alfresco retreat. Like two separate pools that are connected at the center, you can always designate one for the children’s toys and the other for your outdoor Zen experience.

Because these pools can circulate water easily, they offer that soothing whirlpool effect; particularly when you add a sparkling water feature like a fountain.

L-Shaped Pools

As the name implies, this is another design that makes great use of segregating the pool space. You can use the longer section to get your pool lap exercise in while designating the lower half of the “L” for relaxation.

Like kidney pools, this design provides a natural niche for your furniture that allows easy access to either end. Because of the unique design this could be a good solution if your yard is irregularly shaped or if space is of the essence.

Lap Pools

Pools in general offer the best ways to maximize your fitness time. If you love to swim laps, you’ll save a fortune on a gym membership with a pool designed exclusively for this purpose.

This is also an ideal solution if your space is limited because the footprint of lap pools is decidedly longer and skinnier. A sleek addition to your outdoor space, a lap pool may be just the aquatic answer you seek.

Oval Pools

While another obvious name for a pool shape, there’s nothing indistinct about this classic form. What’s particularly splendid is how easy this shape is to frame with potted plants and even fire bowls mounted on pillars.

This pool design can support a modern or antique aesthetic. While you need some fairly significant space to get the most out of this shaped pool, it affords the flexibility you want in a permanent installation.

Rectangular Pools

Although we list rectangular pools last, it is by no means the least favorite! This form is here to stay. The classic pool, you can dress it up with steps into the shallow end and baja ledges for sunning. There’s also a lot to be said for adding a nice little swim up bar too!

This pool shape offers flexibility. You can still swim your laps while having the appropriate space and depth so the youngest and the oldest members of the family may fully enjoy this multi-purpose backyard centerpiece.

The Right Pool for You

When you consider the three critical components: your backyard’s real estate, how you want to use your pool, and the type of budget that suits, you can create the perfect supplement to your indoor space. Backyard pools are a game changer. They elevate your outdoor experience.

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