Pool screen enclosures a must-have backyard item in some areas. This article sets out the 5 main benefits of pool screen enclosures.

What Is A Pool Enclosure?

A pool enclosure is exactly what it sounds like! It is a structure that encloses a pool. There are two types of pool enclosures, glass, and screen cages. In this article, we will focus on screen pool enclosures, why you should have one, and how you should go about cleaning one. I will tell you right now, there are more advantages than disadvantages when it comes to pool enclosures.

When Did Screen Enclosures Become Popular?

Pool screen enclosures have been used for very many years, however some things have changed over that time. The design, structure, and overall look of enclosures are changing. Of course, some folks still have the bulky structure, but there are now very sleek looking pool enclosures!

Where Are Pool Cages Popular?

Screen enclosures are most popular in Florida, the southernmost state in the United States. Of course, they can be found in many other places, but Florida is where you will find the most screen-enclosed pools. The combination of the climate, the bugs, and the sun are all that motivate many homeowners in Florida to install a screen pool enclosure.

Now you know the basics of pool enclosures. We’ve gone over that pool enclosures can be made of screen or glass, their design is changing, and that they’re mostly used in the state of Florida. Now, what are the benefits? There are so many benefits of having a screened enclosure, you can see five of them we’ve listed below.

Benefits of Pool Enclosures

1. Pool Enclosures Offer More Shade!  

Hear us out. What do most people do when they’re getting ready to go to the pool?

  1. Grab the pool toys for the kids.
  2. Grab the pool snacks
  3. Lather up in sunscreen (which can be a battle with the kids)

Well, with a pool screen enclosure, you can cross off number 3 from that list! Of course, the enclosure allows sunlight in, but the amount of shade makes staying by the pool more bearable and less threatening from the sun’s UV rays. You won’t have to worry about reapplying sunscreen on your kids every 30 minutes and battling them to stay dry until it dries.

Did you know sun protection for the pool extends the life of the chlorine applied to the pool? So with a pool cage, you get 2 in 1! Sun protection for both your skin and your pool!

2. Screen Enclosures Keep Pesky Pests OUT

Pool owners unite with one topic of discussion. Cleaning! And what makes cleaning so tedious? Beetles, Wasps, Bees, Frogs, Spiders, Waterbugs, Snakes, Lizards, Mice, Mosquitos, etc… Even larger animals like raccoons, cats, and dogs sometimes find their way into residential pools. Finding those in the water is not fun. That’s a reason why screen enclosures are a genius structure to have around your pool.

In the hours that you used to spend hiding away in your house from the blood-sucking mosquitos, you’ll be able to relax by the pool without swatting at mosquitos all day long. Also, you won’t have to play hide and seek from horse flys. If you swim a lot, you’re familiar with the relentless horseflies that hurt when they bite. You won’t have to put up with constantly lathering with sunscreen and bug repellent!

3. Pool Enclosures Keep Debris Out

The second worst thing about cleaning pools is the constant debris falling into the pool. Leaves, flowers, buds, grass clippings, pine needles, pine cones, dirt, mulch, etc… All these debris litter your pool and must be cleaned out. A traditional pool sweep works well but it takes a while and is also an arm workout. The pool vacuums also work but require maintenance and upkeep.

The best way to keep debris out of your pool is by literally blocking them out! A screen enclosure includes walls and a roof so falling debris is deterred. Also, wind can’t blow leaves or other debris into your pool. Pool enclosure designs vary. Some are designed with dome tops so the leaves just slide off. Others with flat roofs and tall trees can be easily cleaned with a leaf blower.

4. Pool Enclosures Make Cleaning Your Pool Easy!

As we mentioned above, they keep bugs and debris out of the pool. Debris such as leaves, sticks, etc, make the pool dirty because they usually have dirt and dust on them. Your pool cleaning system will work better when you have a pool cage installed. Your pool filter will thank you.

5. Nice-Looking Designs

You have many pool screen enclosure design options.

You can completely customize your pool cage so you can control what goes where and what does what. You’re the homeowner. You know your pool and you know your family. You know what you need and what would look best. So get creative! You can work with your screening company so they know exactly what you expect out of your pool cage.

Source: Home Stratosphere