Your swimming pool makes a fun and elegant backdrop for any holiday party. Kids and adults alike will never forget the magical times in your backyard winter wonderland. Just remember, safety first—make sure to have adult supervision at all times, even if no one is swimming. Here are 3 ideas for making any poolside holiday event or cozy evening with the family a wonderful time.


When guests arrive at your holiday celebration, invite them to join you for appetizers by the pool. The elegance of glowing lights on the water lends just the touch of holiday magic to make any party a memorable experience.

Here are a few toasty appetizers that are sure to warm guests up on a crisp night:

These warm dishes are sure to please at a holiday gathering. Serve them up with some homemade wassail in a slow cooker, which you can bring outside for easy serving! Need a centerpiece? Create a cheese-stuffed Christmas tree adorned with herbs or kale for greenery and bedecked with peppers.


For family-friendly décor, an inflatable Santa lounging on a raft in your pool will add that special touch of holiday cheer. Round out your decorations with reindeer or snowmen relaxing poolside, pool noodle candies and festive carols.

For a more formal occasion, use pool-safe floating or underwater lights in a holiday-themed color palate. Decorate your pool fence with strands of lights, ornaments and garland. If you have a cozy outdoor patio update your pillows, rugs and other furnishings to match your seasonal décor. Then add a decorated tree, wreaths and garlands where appropriate, and lanterns with candles to help provide extra warmth and light. Decorate your nearby trees and shrubs with lights and ornaments to add a festive feel to the whole backyard.


After dinner, if you have a fire pit by the pool, or if it’s warm enough to be outside without one, bring out hot cocoa and blankets for everyone. Don’t forget the marshmallows for the kids or for a grownup hot cocoa, try this recipe that includes Kahlua, nutmeg and salted caramel! You could even take the opportunity to make some after-dinner treats, like s’mores. To make it extra festive, try making your own graham crackers, and cut them into holiday shapes. While you enjoy your warm cocoa, you can tell stories about Christmases past or just have a cozy conversation with friends.

With these ideas, your pool is sure to become the centerpiece of a festive holiday season. Happy Holidays!