Timeless style is eternal…but that doesn’t mean we don’t follow the most exciting industry trends! (Variety ​is​ the spice of life, as they say.) Stay ​au courant​ in the new year with these five important outdoor living trends, from lifestyle-driven design to covetable fabrics. Which trends will you try in 2020?

5 Trends to Watch in Outdoor Furniture and Decor

Carry your outdoor style into the next decade with these 2020 trends.

Trend #1: The Outdoor Room

Yes, your home has room to grow. How can homeowners gain a spacious addition without spending a penny on construction? By embracing outdoor space as an extension of indoor square footage. You heard it here first, friends: the outdoors are the new indoors.

Comfort, function and personality. These three elements, when combined, create exceptional interior design. Take these same design tenants outdoors, and watch the rest fall into place. Create your own indoor-outdoor haven with upholstered seating, like our tailored collection of outdoor furniture​, mix-and-match outdoor furniture​ and plenty of design-driven outdoor accessories.

Trend #2: Everyday Luxury

It’s been said that time is life’s only true luxury. (Throw in a glass of champagne, and we’ll gladly agree.) Current outdoor trends underscore this ‘buy-less, enjoy-more’ mentality, as more households opt for casual collections that blend modern technology with timeless styling.

Get comfortable with the Montecito Collection from Summer Classics.

High-quality furniture is a wise investment that is both sustainable and stress-free. If your 2020 wishlist includes a stress-free outdoor oasis, Summer Classics’ ​Montecito White Label​ might be the perfect choice. This resin wicker collection was designed to maximize comfort, with enveloping proportions and cloudlike cushions.

Trend #3: Inspired by Travel

Jetsetters take note––one of 2020’s hottest outdoor trends is influenced by travel. With affordable airfare, social media and the rise of remote work, city-hopping has never been more popular. But travel-inspired outdoor style isn’t just for globetrotters! The best spaces can transport you.

Escape the ordinary with Summer Classics’ exotic Havana Collection.

There’s no need to take your PTO; outdoor furnishings can make any weekend at home or after-dinner drink feel like an exciting escape. Dreaming of an island getaway? Try something eclectic, like the Summer Classics ​Havana Collection​. Or maybe you prefer a European jaunt abroad? The ​Roma Collection​ is elegant and architectural.

Trend #4: Outdoor Accessories Upgrade

Express yourself! It’s never been easier to find outdoor accessories with personality. If your outdoor style is a little bland, why not resolve to spice things up in 2020? Add unique outdoor accents like poufs, lanterns, dishware, occasional seating and ​performance pillows​ into the mix.

“Performance fabrics are a must—they have changed the way we live by making every room functional for the entire family,” interior designer ​Lonni Paul​ recently told ​Elle Decor​.

Ready to take your outdoor decor to the next level? Illuminate your space with a chandelier, pendant, or lamp from Gabby’s highly-anticipated new ​outdoor lighting collection​! Each piece is thoughtfully made with outdoor-rated materials like resin wicker, marble and performance fabrics, so rest assured that they are safe for outdoor use.

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Trend #5: World of Wellness

From juice cleanses to spin classes, there are a million-and-one ways to get healthy in 2020. Call us old-fashioned, but we prefer to unwind with all-natural remedies––fresh air, sunshine and saltwater. This year, get outside with outdoor living trends that complement your self-care ritual.


Organic materials like rattan and wicker add to the tactile experience of an outdoor retreat, so select pieces with a natural aesthetic. Our brushed aluminum ​Malibu Collection​ was inspired by the epicenter of wellness culture: Los Angeles, California. This laid-back collection might just help you strengthen your mind-body connection!

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